Youth leadership training Bosnia

From 2001-2004 I was a facilitator with a youth leadership program in Bosnia and Hercegovina, working with the first students in the country to sit in multi-ethnic classrooms since before the Bosnian war. Projects included a youth-produced newspaper, a multilingual theatre production and a peer mediation training program.

I wrote about this work in the following two publications listed on the Academic Publications page:

“Narrative and arts-based strategies for conflict resolution: A Case study from Brčko, Bosnia (2001-2005).” The Ethics of Building Peace in International Relations, Eds. E. Dauphinee, R. Christie. Toronto: York Centre for International and Security Studies, 2006. 233-258.

“Language as Landscape: Navigating Post-Conflict Reconstruction with Bosnian Youth.” Wild Fire: Art and Activism, Ed. D. Barndt. Toronto: Sumach Press, 2006. 188-204. Please note that this is for reference only, please consult publisher for reproduction permission.

I produced these videos from this work:

Peace Starts With Me: A Peer Mediation Training Video (20 min).

Everything Which Was Familiar (52 min). A documentary featuring three youth leaders in Brčko, Bosnia.