Commissioned by the Budapest International Spring Festival 2003, STIGMA was a dance theatre production by Budapest physical theatre company Shamans Theatre directed by Eva Magyar and Lutz Förster of Tanztheater Wuppertal, for which I wrote the libretto. Serving as director and editor of voice recording, I collaborated with the late acclaimed British actor Susannah York as the voice for the libretto, and with Hungarian actor Agi Margitai who read the Hungarian translation by Orsolya Karafiath. The STIGMA poems were recorded in London and Budapest in early 2003 in the moments leading up to the bombing campaign in Iraq. Some of York’s readings were broadcast on CBC Radio. STIGMA premiered at Thalia Theatre, with subsequent performances at Merlin Theatre.  Excerpts of two poems from the libretto can be heard below. Music by Andras Monori. Used with permission.