Summer in Shanghai

Summer in Shanghai (2007) was a curatorial and community facilitation project conceived, curated and delivered with Melina Young. We curated two evenings of Canadian independent queer video, and led a video production workshop for lesbians in Shanghai, which resulted in an eight minute video short that was screened as part of the festival. Need A RideĀ  was directed by first-time director Ana Huang, shot by Melina Young, edited by myself and starring some of the workshop participants. We subsequently secured distribution for this video with Canadian feminist video distributor G.I.V (Groupe Intervention Video), and it has been screened internationally. Huang has shared our methodology for digital storytelling facilitation and creation with queer people across China, and over 100 digital stories by queers and others have been produced.

This work was supported by the Canada Council for the Arts, with thanks to VTape and Groupe Intervention Video and ShanghaiLGBT.